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Search Engine Optimization Approach

Ink Refuge SEO firm identifies the growth potential with your website optimization

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO has become one of the most important elements to a website's formula. After all, what's the point of having a website if no one views it or knows it exists? Understanding not only how to rank websites high in search engines but also how to select the correct search terms and appropriately represent your website online has become extremely crucial.

Ask yourself, do I know how people are finding my website? Do I know how much traffic I'm getting? Do I know where users are going on my website and where they're leaving? Do they leave after only seeing one page? The answers to these kinds of questions hold valuable information and provide a window to understanding how to improve your conversions and show where the needed improvement and success lie. Ink Refuge supplies their clients with bi-weekly reports to help identify these answers and works closely with them to improve each and every month.

Google makes over 400 updates to their ranking algorithm and search quality each year and it's very difficult to stay up to date. Ink Refuge continues to learn the latest news and updates on Google through several web sources on a daily basis. Professional website optimization is based around doing exactly what Google wants to see when selecting a website for high rank.

You can say without question, give Orange County California based Ink Refuge SEO a try for 3 months, and you won't want to leave!

Is Search Engine Optimization Magic or Natural?

Haven't you once asked yourself "Man, those SEO experts sure do know the secret web ninja techniques and contain the magic fairy dust to make my website rank high in Google!"... Nope we didn't think you did. The fact of the matter is there are many SEO companies out to make a quick buck and promise you the world. Ink Refuge never holds back from telling you these so called "secrets" and will in fact educate and help you understand the process.

Google supplies some great advice to users when choosing an SEO company and it's what we at Ink Refuge live by. You can find this information at the Google Search Engine Optimization help page. Matt Cutts, a Google software engineer and the head of the spam team also talks about some of the things to lookout for when selecting an SEO company on his Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization from Ink Refuge Firm
Having an effective and professional approach to SEO with a low budget
Investing a higher budget for website optimization will help get you higher results faster